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I'm not a professional. All the things you see here are things I made because they are things I wanted and didn't find anywhere else. Everything is open source (non-commercial), so please feel free to download and print / cut things yourself.

Please do share your builds!




20x20mm Parakeet Frames etc.

This category contains various frames from the Parakeet made for 20x20mm sized hardware and able to fit various motors, prop sizes. It is centered around a very low profile build and the Runcam Swift Micro. All bottom plates are fully interchangable, meaning, you only need to unscrew the 4 standoff scews and your FC stack screws and plonk the entire top onto different sized or shaped mainplate.

Top Plate etc.

Bottom Plates


more to come...




20x20mm Pod Based Tanky & Toothrip Frames etc.


This category contans frames and pods for the Tanky & Toothrip ecosysytem of various sizes, made for 20x20mm sized hardware and able to fit various motors, prop sizes and cameras. All pods and frames are fully interchangable, i.e. you can plug any pod on any of these frames and vice versa.

Some Example Pics:

tanky 110 3" + micro swift pod medium toothrip 150 3" + Swift Mini Pod tanky 110 3" + Swift Mini Pod toothrip 87 2" + CMOS Canopy
toothrip 150 3" + Swift Mini Pod toothrip 110 3" tanky 110 3" + Swift Mini Pod tanky 110 3" + CMOS Canopy
toothrip 87 2" toothrip 110 3" 110X Motors tanky 110 3" + 35° CMOS Canopy tanky 147 4" + Simple CCD Pod



Carbon Fibre Pods

  • CCD Protected pod (added protection) for e.g. Runcam Swift, Owlcam Plus etc. : kit_detail/916
  • CCD Simple pod (minimalist) for e.g. Runcam Swift, Owlcam Plus etc.: kit_detail/917
  • SwiftMini pod for Runcam SwiftMini (as well as runcam owl + adapter available on thinigverse): kit_detail/918
  • MicroSwift pod Light for Runcam MicroSwift with super lightweight CF plates: kit_detail/945
  • MicroSwift pod Medium for Runcam MicroSwift with medium CF plates: kit_detail/1022
  • MicroSwift pod Tanky for Runcam Microswift with thick CF plates (virtually indestructible): kit_detail/1023

3D Printable Canopies


3" Frames

Tanky Versions

Tanky frames are made with quite a lot of Carbon Fibre, making them virtually indestructible. I have never heard of anyone having broken one of these yet.

Toothrip versions

Toothrip Frames, i.e. they're thin as toothpicks and great for ripping, are made to absolutely minimize weight and surface under the propellers. As a result, these frames are less durable than the tanky versions, but absolutely incredible to fly.

For those who want to add some rigidity and introduce a planned breaking point, I have prepared CF-Crossbeams for the 3" toothrip frames (only for 1306/140X motor versions, smaller motors really don't need those crossbars).

In addition, Cesium FPV has remixed his own stretchbee frame version. These frames are not compatible with the cross-bars, but fully compatible with all the pods and canopies posted above.


2.5" Frames

Since 2.5" are significantly smaller than 3", and generally built with much lighter hardware, all frames are toothrip by default.


2" Frames

For the same reasons as with the 2.5" frames, 2" frames are toothrip by default.



20x20mm Stack Frame + Pod

This is the simplest possible frame + pod for a 2" sized quad, 110X Motors and a CM275T-type AIO Cam. Tiny yet sturdy, you can't get much lighter than this.




16x16mm Hardware

This category contains products made for 16x16mm hardware and various motors and cameras etc.

These frames have been designed for 16x16mm fc hardware (uses M2 screws!) and 0703/0806 brushless motors (different mountings!) and come in various sizes to provide the smallest possible frame for the respective motor and prop size.

~ !Note that 0703 and 0806 Motors use completely different mounting holes! Which means these are not interchangable. Make sure you choose the correct frame! ~

As armattan productions hardware does not feature M2 hardware, you will have to get the nylon screws and standoffs yourself.

This frame is available in the following formats:

0703 Motors:

0803 Motors:


The frames have been designed with the latest generation of aio cam+vtx in mind (15mm width). You have two options to mount these cameras:


Creative Commons License
All works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

T4b Design 20x20 FC 87-150 MicroSwift Pod TANKY

Price : $ 14.00

Propeller size : None


This kit is the TANKY Runcam Micro Swift Pod for the 20x20mm hardware frames as listed below. It will perfectly fit the Micro Swift. The sides are 2mm, the bottom plate is 3mm strong.

Contrary to just about every other micro-frame, the stand-offs for the Canopy / Pod on this frame and it's siblings are independent of the FC mounting screws, so if you crash, your FC and other electronics  won't be smashed.


a) The Runcam MicroSwift is exactly 19mm wide, which this pod accomodates. Armattan Productions does not provide this length standoff. This kit includes 24mm standoffs which you will have to grind/cut to size!

b) You will have to sand a bit of carbon fibre away where the bottom plate meets the side plates. This is because the limitations of Armattan CNC milles. I could have designed things to fit out of the box, but that would have sacrificed some strength which I was not willing to do. I believe 5 minutes of sanding (under running water! you don't want to breath in CF dust!) are worth the effort.


See below for more information about the frame and pods:


QUAD versions:

In addition, Cesium FPV has remixed his own stretchbee version:


HEXA versions:


In addition to the bottom plates, you can purchase 3 different Pods all of which fit on all 20x20 in the T4b Design store.
Yes that's right, the pods are completely interchangable. So you can toss your own frame salad so to speak.

Cam Pod Versions:

(Note: Armattan only carries the most basic of screw/standoff hardware, which means, you may have to source some of the components for the pods yourself or grind the provided hardware to size.)

Alternatively, for the lowest possible profile, you can print a CMOS cam canopy, of which there are 3 versions.

3D Printable Canopies:


3D printable protective shoes/motor guards are also available on thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1783281


A couple of sample / concept pictures of the various frames below


Hardware included in the builds in the pictures:

All of the listed components could of course be replaced by any other kind of hardware (as long as you can make them fit).

List of other potential hardware:



Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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