These are some designs that I put together.


StretchBee 4mm

Price : $ 15.00



This is 3" stretch frame designed to fit in with T4B DESIGN's excellent range of products for his TOOTHRIP and TANKY offerings.  It'll fit 11xx, 1304 and 1407 motors.  I've only built up an 1104 build 2s build (on the 3mm version of this frame)... and as you can see from the video below - perhaps I'm a novice pilot but this lightweight form factor is PERFECT for me. It's still really fast and capable but also super super quiet.  People barely notice it flying so it's perfect for backyards (even big ones).  This frame should fit the slightly oversized HQ3030 3" props (but just barely).

GOING LIGHT? Try the 3mm version of this frame: 



There are lots of other options for this same form 3" quad form factor done by T4B DESIGN and perhaps more importantly, this frame was designed to fit his ecosystem of camera mounts - lots of links below:

Cam Pod:


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