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T4bee Design 20x20 stack Pod

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Propeller size : None

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This is a pod for a 20x20mm stack at 45° FC rotation. It is not designed for any of the current frames in my shop.

It still requires the following:

  • 3D printed Cam bracket. The cam snaps in place and with 2 m2 screws one can adjust the desired angle. Available here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2353291/
  • 10 M2 nylon screws (for standoffs and cam holder)
  • 3 15mm M2 nylon standoffs
  • Armattan productions cannot fit everthing *perfectly*, which means, where the bottom plate is pushed into the side plates you may have to do a little bit of filing of the CF (under running water!) to give it a perfect fit.


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