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Hi, everything you see here I made because I wanted it a...

T4bee Design Tanky_110 True-X for 1306-140X Motors 3mm

Price : $ 15.00



This frame is the Tanky_110 version of the smallest possible frame for 20x20mm hardware, 3" props and 1306 or 140X sized motors. (3mm thick)

!! Keep in mind this is only the bottom plate! You still need a Canopy or Pod on top for a full setup! Please refer to my shop for further details and compatible pods etc. !!

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For some example pics of different framses + pods from this ecosystem check out these:



tanky 110 3" + micro swift pod medium toothrip 150 3" + Swift Mini Pod tanky 110 3" + Swift Mini Pod toothrip 87 2" + CMOS Canopy
toothrip 150 3" + Swift Mini Pod toothrip 110 3" tanky 110 3" + Swift Mini Pod tanky 110 3" + CMOS Canopy
toothrip 87 2" toothrip 110 3" 110X Motors tanky 110 3" + 35° CMOS Canopy tanky 147 4" + Simple CCD Pod
Tanky_147 4" + Micro Swift Pod
toothrip_130 3" +
Micro Swift Pod Medium
toothrip 150 3" + Swift Mini Pod + Crossbeams toothrip 110 3"  + 35° canopy
Shoes / Softmount tanky 110 3" + micro swift pod medium    


All available in the shop page as posted above



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