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T4b Design Toothrip130_streched for 20x20mm FC and 1306/1407 motors

Price : $ 18.00



This frame is the Toothrip130_streched version of the smallest possible frame for 20x20mm hardware, 3" props and 1306-1407 sized motors.

Contrary to just about every other micro-frame, the stand-offs for the Canopy / Pod on this frame and it's siblings are independent of the FC mounting screws, so if you crash, your FC and other electronics  won't be smashed.

Note that this toothrip edition of the 130_strech is designed to be insane. It was made to have the least weight and least amount of CF beneath the props so you loose the least amount of thrust. While this is 4mm thick and Armattan CF is very durable, it will certainly not be as crash resilient as the tanky110 versions. That said, if build correctly, this thing will be incredibly fast and nimble. In other words, if you don't know what you are doing, don't buy this. But if you do, and you want to have the fastest, craziest 3" on the block, go get it now.

  • Crossbeam short side for Toothrip_130 Stretched-X and 1306/140X motors only (2mm thick): product_details/7950
  • Crossbeam long side for Toothrip_130 Stretched-X and 1306/140X motors only (2mm thick): product_details/12464

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