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Micro 110mm FPV Quadcopter Green Bee smallest possible 3 inch quad for Furious Piko BLX FC (20x20mm) and 1104-1407 Motors (2mm)

Price : $ 15.00


This 110 frame is the smallest possible frame for 3" based props and is created for 1104-1407 sized Motors and the Furious Piko BLX (20x20mm) FC. The frame in the pictures was laser-cut from acrylic, this here is 3mm Armattan CF which will be virtually indestructible. It is the smallest, lightest it can be without compromising stability and sturdiness. Note that, contrary to just about every other micro-frame, the stand-offs for the canopy are independent of the FC mounting screws, so if you crash, your FC won't be smashed.

What you are buying here is only the bottom plate (2mm thick)! The canopy needs to be 3D printed and is intended for Diatone-type CMOS cameras. It also holds the beeper and the hole for either a VTX whip antenna or SMA connector jack. I recommend using either abs and placing it in an acetone vapour chamber for a very smooth finish or to find someone who can print high quality TPU or Polyflex for an indestructible canopy. Keep in mind, depending on your filament and printer you may have to play around with the scaling a bit to have the cam fit, and holes line up perfectly. Find the canopy here:


There are two versions of this bottom plate availabe:

Version1: for 1306/1407 motors only (3mm thick): https://armattanproductions.com/pages/product_details/4555
Version2: for 1104 to 1407 motors variable (2mm thick): https://armattanproductions.com/pages/product_details/5811


Hardware included in the build in the pictures:

All of the listed components could of course be replaced by any other kind of hardware (as long as you can make them fit).

List of other potential hardware:



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