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Welcome to the Crash N Burn Racing store.  Here you will find multirotor frames that have been extensively developed to provide the smoothest assembly process possible.  When a frame is listed for sale it has been designed, built, redesigned and built again until it is as perfect as possible.

Each build has a recommended parts list to take the guess work out of what parts will fit.  If you’re looking for a well thought out quad that has been built and engineered by an experienced builder and FPV racer you are in the right place.

CBX 150 Kit

Price : $ 29.99

Propeller size : 3"


This is a 150 X frame designed for the Run Cam Swift Mini and Pico sized Flight Controllers such as the Piko BLX.  It weighs in at 39.3 grams and is designed to run 1407 or similar sized brushless motors.  This frame has been fully built and tested with the Piko BLX and Innova video transmitter.  This is a very light yet durable frame with great camera protection. Fully assembled with the reccomended parts the build should be 155g to 165g and paired with a Tattu 650mah 4s the total weight will be under 250g. This frame shares all parts with the CBS160 and CBX180 with exception of the bottom plate so if you want to switch to a 180X or a 160 stretch size all you need is a new bottom plate.

*Note* This frame is made to order, processing usually takes 1 week and another 2 weeks for shipping.

Recommended parts:

  • Camera: Run Cam Swift Mini or Foxeer Arrow
  • Motors: Brother Hobby/Rotorgeeks1407 3600kv motors
  • Flight Controller: Piko BLX
  • Video Transmitter: Innova OSD. Eachine VTX03, Aomway TX001, ImmersionRC Tramp or any small vtx can be mounted with the included adapter plate.
  • ESC: 12 amp Emax Bullets, these are very short ECS's to provide more room for mounting on the arm.
  • Lipo: 650-850mah 4s
  • Props: 3045 triblades

The body is much narrower than other micro sized frames resulting in less wind resistance.


The motor layout is a true X for better all around performance.


Camera mounts also provide excellent camera protection.


This is a true no compromise micro frame.


Each motor has protection all around to help prevent damage from crashes.


The narrow body along with a 12A Emax bullet esc leaves plenty of room for wires.


Lots of room for stacking components and the camera does not interfere.


Adapter plate to mount non-stackable VTX.


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