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cinemovr25 / 20mm body height / 14mm cam mount

Price : $ 67.61

Propeller size : 2.5"


Top / Bottom plate thickness: 2 mm
FPV cam mounting thickness: 2mm

Max FPV cam width: 14mm (when using the cam mounting blades)
FC mounting: 20x20 mm m2 / 25.5x25.5 mm (0° & 45°) m2
Motor mounting: 9 mm m2 / 12 mm m2
Motor to motor diagonal distance: 110 mm

Recommended motor size: 1404 - 1808

Propeller size: 2.5"

Frame dimensions: 162 x 148 mm (w/l)


This Kit includes the FPV camera mounting parts which can hold a 14mm wide cam.

For bigger FPV cams like analog 19mm or DJI O3 it is recommended to use the cinemovr25 kit with 25mm body height.

Pay attention to the body height when using digital FPV systems. AIO and VTX are mounted on top of each other. There is 20mm space in height in between the frame plates.


The basic kit contains the parts which are needed to build the frame.

Add additional screws / spacers / standoffs according to your needs for mounting FC / ESC / AIO. The Frame thickness is 2mm at the FC mounting.

You also have to add the screws for mounting the motors according to your needs. Pay attention to the arm thickness.

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