Incognito Service

Do you have a brilliant design for the next hit airframe, but don't know where to go next? Do you need a way to manufacture and package your products for retail, but don't want to pay an arm and a leg in overhead? If so, take a look at Armattan Productions' industry leading "Incognito Service."

AP's Incognito Service is more than a way to simply cut carbon fiber frames and source hardware. It's a way to put the manufacturing potential of one of the most trusted multirotor specialists behind your star ideas. Specifically, AP provides an avenue for designers and retailers to print stickers and packing labels, create Lipo straps, manufacture electronic components, and pack frames so they're ready-to-ship to individual customers. Whether you want to produce lipo pads or just cut some carbon, we can assist.

Beyond the logistics of preparing products for market, utilizing our Incognito Service gives you a quicker production turnaround, a variety of shipping options, and a direct line of communication with Armattan Productions to ensure everything is exactly how you envision. In short, the completeness of service offered has allowed a few major retailers to reduce overhead costs while increasing quality control and product presentation. Some public-knowledge examples of this are Armattan's collaborations with DquadRotorX and X-Labs : case-studies than can speak for themselves. 

From concept to design, testing to refinement, an enormous amount of time and dedication is needed to bring a product to market. What can be devastating is when unscrupulous corporations decide they can make a profit if they undercut prices, or especially if they beat a new product to market. Armattan intimately knows this struggle against those seedy players. For that reason alone, AP services come with a guarantee of confidentiality. The files you provide will stay protected and secret as long as you like; whether or not you prefer to utilize a non-disclosure agreement. Unless you say so, nobody will even know that Armattan Productions is involved. While this won't stem the tide of those who wish to reverse engineer your design, it certainly will help you beat them to market.

Armattan Productions can cut costs, increase quality, and revamp product presentation, all without leaking your hard work to external manufacturers. So whether you're curious and want to know more, or you have a design ready to cut ASAP, reach out! After all, if you don't ask, you can't know what Armattan Productions' Incognito Service can do for you.