Alligator FPV

Alligator3.5 mk2 Frame Kit

Price : $ 39.00

Propeller size : 3"


Main design elements:

Sandwich bottom plate design

2mm lower Bottom Plate,  2mm upper Bottomplate, 4mm Arms, 1.5mm topplate for robustness

20mm stack space length gives you a slamdeck design with centralised center of gavity, but still enough space to mount your electronics.

62g weight

conventional or toilet tank battery mounting

optimised for low vibration resonance

Rounded corners to reduce notch effect

Easy maintenance: Only 5 scews to remove topplate, 2-screw arm change

Stack mounting: 25,5mm M2 and and 20mm M2 fits various flight stacks and AIO flight controllers

VTX mounting: 25,5mm M2 and and 20mm in the back, fits Vista, DJI O3, Walksnail, HDzero or various analog VTX.

Universal Camera sideplate using pritable inserts to fit 19mm or 20mm wide cameras and different length and provides vibration isolation when printed in TPU. Strong camera cage und vertical front braces provide good camera protection in case of frontal crash.

Openings for XT30 connectors in top plate so that power cable can not get damaged by propellers

Mounts for cable ties to mount capacitors, beepers, receivers or GPS and strain relief for power cable.

Keystone arm mount to provide stiffnes and vibration damping.

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