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Here are designs realized or modified by me or friends.

3mm Kit (Morphite V2)


This kit includes four 3mm parts (instead of 1,5mm) to allow you to strengthen your 180 or 210 Morphite V2 and you do not need to change anything as these parts fit with the original frame.

Parts are => Front right / Back right / Front left / Back left.

Major differences : +3mm tickness for better impact resistance, +3mm higher for better lipo space and possibility to add one more spacer in the back.

Beware that, with these new parts, the front frame will be 32mm wide only while back is 35mm wide (like original). For exemple with Tattu 4S 1300 75C it is ok but if your lipo is too long, you may need to unscrew a spacer (from back parts) unless you can introduced it by the back of your frame.

This kit contain 3 washers (1mm thick) to be use if you've got a frame from Paragon UAV only.

Additional Information

You can click the link below to see my Morphite V2 180 with these 3mm parts :

I take advantage of it to add that my 180 is equipped with 2204 motors which are bigger than planned for the arms of this 180. So i have also modified my four arms 4 inch prop for better protection. If needed you can get them here =>

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