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Welcome to the KAIDJU LINE, a range of light and compact racer from 40mm to 4" props, light is right. 

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MOBULA 7 carbon frame (EOS 2 camera)

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2mm upgraded carbon frame (4.5g) for 75mm 2s woop with 40mm props and 06 to 08xx motors as MOBULA 7, EACHINE TRASCHAN...
You can keep the basic canopy, but you will need to drill it with m2 holes to install m2 scews / nuts to fix it with more durability


- compatibility

motors: 06xx to 08xx
props: 40mm
camera: eos2


- 3d parts (free download)

1 x eos 2 canopy (tpu 3.20g)

4 x props guards (talman 910 or nylon-x 5g)

1 x lipo stand (talman 910 or nylon-x t 0.8g)


- hardware

4 x m1.6 5mm (x16)
(if props guards, if no, the 3mm basics are enough)

m2 10mm screws (x4)

m2 nuts (x4)


- electronic




At least, you will need to tape the 2x1s lipos together.
The taped lipo is attached under the printed lipo support with a basic elastic

that's all, now you can fly with a more durable and light carbon frame, with, or without propsguards









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