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racing frame, fast and light from MOMO RACER, 3" rules  :) 


KAIDJU MR139 kit

Price : $ 29.00

Propeller size : 3"

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Here the new, and probably, the last evo, of the famous KAIDJU, the 3" ultra light racer.

It's a versatile quad racer, wich can perform in indoor races, or outdoor races against bigger quads.

It can be used for freeride or freestyle uses, with the last micro hd fpv cam.

3 arm models available:

KAIDJU MR139 2.5mm 11xx-14xx arm
The new standard, included in the kit, the perfect compromise, quite strong, quite light, this model is compatible with 11xx motors, 12xx, 13xx, and 14xx motors.

KAIDJU MR139 3mm chamfered 11xx arm
The historic KAIDJU arm, a really strong and light model, with a nice chamfered finish, this model is only compatible with 11xx motors

KAIDJU MR139 3mm chamfered 11xx-14xx arm
This strong arm is compatible with most of the 1408 motors, and even the first generation of T-MOTOR F20, wich were on M2.5 screws. Chamfered finish.


Props: 2" to 3" props.

Motors: 1102 to 1408 motors.

FC: Most of the 16x16 and 20x20 stacks, compatible with the (big) ZEUS AIO

Camera: Most of the micro camera: EOS2, Micro swift, split mini hd 2, caddx turtle v2...

2 builds: carbon top plate (low profile design), or canopy (custom aero design)

Screws / tpu elements (thingiverse)
Top plate build: 3 x m3 20mm aluminum spacers, 6 x m3 nuts, 8 x 8mm m3 screws, 3 x 6mm m3 screws / KAIDJU tpu cam holder, KAIDJU tpu top bumper 
Canopy build: 1 x m3 20mm aluminum spacers, 8 x m3 nuts, 2 x 10mm m3 screws, 6 x 8mm m3 screws, 2 x 6mm m3 screw / KAIJDU tpu canopy

You will find the recommended setup in the video description.




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