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    Project MicroLongRange

    $ 20.99


    The basic idea of the Micro Long Range (MicroLR) ist quite simple: Scale down a 7" long range quad until it is sub 250g AUW. While there are many sub 250 micros the clue here is the electronics layout with a 16x16 stack in the center plus 20x20 stack in the back
    as well as the dead cat design and 4" inch props for maximum efficiency. This frame configuration allows you to easily fit an impressive amount of feature in your sub 250 setup:

    • GPS for speed, location, return home etc.
    • 4K video footage with no props in view
    • And independent buzzer for easier post crash recovery even if the battery is ejected
    • 3+ miles of range with and 800mW VTX
    • 10+ minutes of flight time (11:20min of cruising on 850mah 3S)
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    Gatehunter X

    $ 23.00

    Please check out the Thingiverse post for all information on this design:

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    Gatehunter CTS7

    $ 39.99

    3D printed parts and build recommendations can be found on thingiverse:

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    Gatehunter SLS3

    $ 19.95

    Go to Thingiverse for all stl files and more information :-)

    Required Hardware (not included):

    • 6 M2x10 (for the arms)
    • 2 M2x12 (arms and canopy)
    • 13 M2x6 (12 for the motors and one for the canopy)
    • 4 M2x8 (the 4 motor screws that fix the brace)
    • 8 M2 nuts (for the arms)
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    Gatehunter RS 5 V1.1

    $ 34.99

    Updates for V1.1:

    • Improved arms with increased motor protection.
    • New optional 1mm TPU spacer between arms and bottom plate to avoid eventual play and compensate the usual slight variation of carbon plates thickness. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3583227 
    • No more locknuts, instead you can use cheap regular nuts (not included, see "please read" section below).
    • The kit now includes one of the new 4mm braces. Thats why it is a bit more expensive (there is only one brace included, not two as shown in the picture. But actually you really don't need one the rear arms).
    • 4 longer (8mm) motor screws for the brace are included

    Please read:

    • I have a new, detailed build guide for the RS frame helping you to assemble it and choose the right components: https://www.gatehunter.com/rs-series
    • The steel nuts are not included since Armattan Productions does not offer them. But you can get some regular M3 nuts alomst anywhere for a few cents. For example those: https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3mGKpZ2Km0
    • Another thing that unfortunately Armattan does not supply are the M3x10 grub screws. But they are easy to get and  you can also simply use regular M3x12 screws.
    • To avoid any misunderstandings: Armattan does not offer 3D printing services and the canopy and TPU spacers are not included. You can get them on Thingiverse for free. If you don't have a printer ask a friend ;-)  Thingiverse:  https://www.thingiverse.com/Dave_C/designs

    As always, thanks for your support and enjoy your new frame! :-)

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    Gatehunter SLS 5

    $ 25.98

    The SLS 5 is basically a super light version of the Gatehunter RS 5 made exclusively for 20x20 stacks.
    Kepp in mind that this frame is very specifcly designed for ultralight setups and you choice of components should be adjusted to that.
    I have some recommendation in the setup below.

    The Kit does not include the canopy! You can get the files for free here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3477377


    • Weight: 49g
    • Weight of the full build in the pictures: 201g
    • 5.1" Prop size
    • Strech x-with slightly increased prop separation
    • 20x20 Stack ONLY
    • 16x16 Motor Mounts
    • 4mm Arms & Bottom Plate
    • 19mm Micro Cam mount

    Recommended Motors:

    Recommended VTX:



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    Gatehunter RS 6

    $ 31.04

    This is the 6 Inch Version of the Gatehunter. All parts are identical except the arms.

    5" Gatehunter & Frame Details: https://armattanproductions.com/pages/kit_detail/2165

    Build details: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/15658

    TPU Parts: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3454780


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    Gatehunter RS 5 V1.0

    $ 29.20

    Finally, after tons of testing and improving over the winter this design is ready to put it out here. Put this final version through a lot of abuse during racing practice and haven't broken a single arm yet. The RS5 is a purebred racer and comes in at exactly 75g including all hardware and canopy.
    The single 5mm thick bottom plate is the heart of the design. It keeps the profile super low while still leaving enough space
    to fit two 30x30 boards. The canopy has a flat underside designed to stick a TBS unify on it with some double sided tape.
    Speaking of the canopy: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3454780

    Regarding the hardware: I recommend to get 18mm screws instead of the 16mm included in the kit. unfortunately Armattan doesn't offer that size.

    Hope you guys enjoy it!

    Key Specs:

    • 5.1" Props
    • Stretch-X
    • 30x30 Stack mount only
    • 75g total weight
    • 16x16 motor hole pattern for 22xx & 23xx motors
    • Lollipop or SMA antanna mount
    • 19mm camera mount