Gatehunter Multirotors

Gatehunter RS 5 V1.1

Price : $ 34.99

Propeller size : 5"


Updates for V1.1:

  • Improved arms with increased motor protection.
  • New optional 1mm TPU spacer between arms and bottom plate to avoid eventual play and compensate the usual slight variation of carbon plates thickness. 
  • No more locknuts, instead you can use cheap regular nuts (not included, see "please read" section below).
  • The kit now includes one of the new 4mm braces. Thats why it is a bit more expensive (there is only one brace included, not two as shown in the picture. But actually you really don't need one the rear arms).
  • 4 longer (8mm) motor screws for the brace are included

Please read:

  • I have a new, detailed build guide for the RS frame helping you to assemble it and choose the right components:
  • The steel nuts are not included since Armattan Productions does not offer them. But you can get some regular M3 nuts alomst anywhere for a few cents. For example those:
  • Another thing that unfortunately Armattan does not supply are the M3x10 grub screws. But they are easy to get and  you can also simply use regular M3x12 screws.
  • To avoid any misunderstandings: Armattan does not offer 3D printing services and the canopy and TPU spacers are not included. You can get them on Thingiverse for free. If you don't have a printer ask a friend ;-)  Thingiverse:

As always, thanks for your support and enjoy your new frame! :-)

Review Section ( Total Review:1 )

Image Sylvain Lafourcade

Using this frame every week for about six months, I am very satisfied. It flies very well, is very tough and also offers good protections for my gears. Since I am using it I break so few gears that I can train without apprehension and progress quickly ! Only complaint, a little more room for electronics would have been welcome.

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