Gatehunter Multirotors

Gatehunter SLS 5

Price : $ 25.98

Propeller size : 5"


The SLS 5 is basically a super light version of the Gatehunter RS 5 made exclusively for 20x20 stacks.
Kepp in mind that this frame is very specifcly designed for ultralight setups and you choice of components should be adjusted to that.
I have some recommendation in the setup below.

The Kit does not include the canopy! You can get the files for free here:


  • Weight: 49g
  • Weight of the full build in the pictures: 201g
  • 5.1" Prop size
  • Strech x-with slightly increased prop separation
  • 20x20 Stack ONLY
  • 16x16 Motor Mounts
  • 4mm Arms & Bottom Plate
  • 19mm Micro Cam mount

Recommended Motors:

Recommended VTX:



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