Gatehunter Multirotors

Gatehunter RS 5 V1.0

Price : $ 29.20

Propeller size : 5"


Finally, after tons of testing and improving over the winter this design is ready to put it out here. Put this final version through a lot of abuse during racing practice and haven't broken a single arm yet. The RS5 is a purebred racer and comes in at exactly 75g including all hardware and canopy.
The single 5mm thick bottom plate is the heart of the design. It keeps the profile super low while still leaving enough space
to fit two 30x30 boards. The canopy has a flat underside designed to stick a TBS unify on it with some double sided tape.
Speaking of the canopy:

Regarding the hardware: I recommend to get 18mm screws instead of the 16mm included in the kit. unfortunately Armattan doesn't offer that size.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Key Specs:

  • 5.1" Props
  • Stretch-X
  • 30x30 Stack mount only
  • 75g total weight
  • 16x16 motor hole pattern for 22xx & 23xx motors
  • Lollipop or SMA antanna mount
  • 19mm camera mount

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