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    Vibe 230

    $ 39.54

    This frame have is a kit. with al parts inkl

    I have made a Runcam swift micro mount in tpu to mount the camera to the front standoffs   you can find the mount on my thingiverse site 

    Link to Runcam Swift micro mount

    Thinks in the kit

    • 4pc  28mm standoffs 
    • 8pc m3 nylon nut /   but i use this typ of nut
    • 8pc m3 screws  7mm
    • 8pc m3 screws  12 mm   
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    Merlin 230

    $ 38.40

    This frame have is a kit. with al parts inkl

    I have made a Runcam Swift micro mount in tpu to mount the camera to the front standoffs   you can fint the mount on my thingiverse site 

    Link to Runcam swift micro mount

    Part you will get in the kit

    • 4pc  25mm standoffs 
    • 8pc m3 nuts   typ of nut i use
    • 4pc m3 screws  7mm
    • 4pc m3 screws  12 mm   
    • 4pc m3 screws  16mm
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    $ 41.28

    mockup over how it can look

    Top View

    All parts (  P.s   all screws are black not silver as on photo )

    The Glider is a Freestyle frame with low C.G it uses only 24mm standoffs and the arms are monted inside the body and to make the build cleaner it even uses the sunken nut in the middplate


    This frame is designed to use as AIO FC with esc on the arms 


    In the kit you will get all hardware requerd 

    8 pc 24mm blackanodized standoffs 

    8 pc sunken nuts (press nuts)

    8 pc 11mm m3 screws 

    16 pc 7mm m3 screws

    !!!   The arms om the photos are chamberd , but in the kit thay will not be.   !!!

    chamderd arms can be sold seperet  


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    Spud sX 208

    $ 31.98





    Flight controller mounting plate

    Im using the DYS rubber grummits that comes with the dys FC but you can also find them at





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    flux 240

    $ 39.80
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    Cloud 5

    $ 35.82
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    $ 42.69
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    peace v2

    $ 45.32

    Peace v2 is a updated  version   frome the past


    With new think! and updated lines on the whole frame
    made to be used with 4in1 system but can also take 4 individiull escs on the arms 


    New think in frame design

    the topplate have now been designed with holes for the battery straps,  it is made to use batterys in size of 38mm w and 70-85mm L   normal  4s 1300-1550mah and 6s 1050-1250mah  

    The bottom plate is a 2 stage type ,So if you smash the front you will not have to swap out the hole plate.

    the front carbonplate is made with 2.5mm thick   and the bak plate is made with 2mm carbon   with it just for to shave of some wight and the cost is shave to 

    och the bakplate yuo have 3 different mounting options  for the vtx     you can ziptie it down like a TBS unify!   our you can use other brands the have mounting options like 20x20 and 30x30     

    look at the following photo

    Camera System

    I fixed the frame size so you can mount a HD split camera likte the Runcam split,  foxeer  or even the caddax   for mounting the camera board a dedicated 20x20 is just behined the camera .     
    You can use normal fpv camera to ! takes mini or micro size  19mm up to 22mm  (spacers requerd for 19mm camera)    micro camra  like the runcam micro is 19mm , foxeer predetor is 22mm


    246mm in lenght 
    and it takes  5-5.5 inch props size




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    Ghost X8

    $ 85.71

    This maskin is a 5inch  X8 


    to use this with the dji vista..  you will need the "extended"  cabel for the camera.   

    to mount the motor you will need a  moddified  hexkey  that is short at the end so you can get in between the  motor plats 

    the top and bottom parts  holes for the arms are tight  you might need to finetune  with some sanding  duo to the  arms aren´t exacly 6.0mm