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    CODX 240

    $ 43.35

    The CODX 240 is a 240mm quad optimized for 3D Flying using 5" propellers. It is very precise, agile and nimble, the weight distribution is perfectly balanced on all 3 axis.

    His low speed flight characteristic makes it a perfect backyard 3D quad, but open the throttle and it is a lot of fun also in a bigger field for some big air 3D flying.

    Very simple design: One main plate 4mm (78g), One top plate 2mm (16g) and 4 standoff 13mm.

    Recommended Power System
    Motor: Recommended Cobra 2204 2300kV (or a 2204 in the range of 2300kV) 
    ESC: Recommended KISS 18A 3D V1.1 (Also succesfully tested with Afro Race Spec 20A and SN20A running SimonK 3D) 
    Battery: PULSE/TATTU 3S 1350mah 35C or more for the best performance
    Propeller: For very good performance and low cost: Gemfam 5x3 3D ($0.70), for the best performance Zeal 5x4 3D ($3.00),  HQ 5x4.5 3D not recommended poor performance, too heavy.

    See the design in 3D: