Reviews For MR105U NANO KAIDJU 2.5 - durable - universal - nano racer


Hafiz R., you can use 1.4mm screws with your 'older' version, you can use too, 1.6mm screws for 1102 motors, it works perfectly you must know too that there is a update with new screws holes design, less space than before, but we save compatibility with 0802-1102 3 holes, and 1103 4 holes motors! don't hesitate to join the KAIDJU OWER CLUB (private group on facebook) for more informations, tips, builds infos, KAIDJU community :)

Image Rekman

Nice design but the motor mounting holes are too big for 1.4mm dia screw for 1102 motors. So I can not use this frame. Please design specific for the 0802 or 1102 motor mount holes for 105mm frame and 4 holes 2mm motor mount pattern for 105mm and 115mm frame. To much mounting pattern in 1 frame is not good.