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Welcome to the KAIDJU LINE, a range of light and compact racer from 40mm to 4" props, light is right. 

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MR105U NANO KAIDJU 2.5 - durable - universal - nano racer

Price : $ 17.00

Propeller size : 2.5"

Item List


The universal nano racer, compatible with most of 90% of the dedicated motors.

2.5mm unibody version, strong and light.

Available in evolutive 2.5 / 3" spare arms version too (common bottom plate).

Efficiency is huge with 65mm props, performances are very high on 2s with EACHINE 0803 15000kv or HAPPYMODEL EX1102 10000kv motors.

weight info.

Plate: 5.12g

canopy: 2.38g


motors compatibilty
90% of the market: 0802-1102 3 holes 6.6mm, 1103-1108 4 holes 9mm 

screw kit listing 
fc / canopy support:
4 x 10mm m2 scews 
4 x 4.5mm m2 tpu spacer (free to download)
4 x m2 nylon nuts 

all these optionnal elements are linked on the rotorbuilds page

tpu elements (canopy, m2 spacers, bumper arms)

rotorbuilds (pics, video, setup, links)


setup for a 35g build (video review on the rotobuilds page)
NANO KAIDJU 65mm props MR105
Happymodel EX1102 10000kv 1mm 45mm wires
Nano VTX 
KINGKONG 65mm 1mm
2s 300mah lihv lipos (1102 / 1103 10 000kv motors) 3s lipos (8500kv motors) 
4 x 10mm m2 scews 
4 x 4.5mm m2 tpu spacer (free to download)
4 x m2 nylon nuts 
1 x nano kaidju tpu canopy (several models available, free to download)




Review Section ( Total Review:1 )

Image Muhamad Hafiz Rekman

Nice design but the motor mounting holes are too big for 1.4mm dia screw for 1102 motors. So I can not use this frame. Please design specific for the 0802 or 1102 motor mount holes for 105mm frame and 4 holes 2mm motor mount pattern for 105mm and 115mm frame. To much mounting pattern in 1 frame is not good.