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Welcome to the KAIDJU LINE, a range of light and compact racer from 40mm to 4" props, light is right. 

Contact: KAIDJU OWNER CLUB (private group on Facebook).

MR105U NANO KAIDJU 2.5 - durable - universal - nano racer

Price : $ 11.00

Propeller size : 2.5"

Item List


17 04 20 NEW DESIGN ! pics soon, when the NANO KAIDJU 3" meets the TWIG, we have a perfect ultra light racer, 2.5" version (MR105U is concerned too) no changes concerning non unibody versions (MR105 and MR116 non U)

The universal nano racer, compatible with most of 90% of the dedicated motors.

2 versions:

- Unibody version.

2.5mm unibody version, strong and light.

7.37g + 2.38g (tpu canopy)

- Non unibody version

2mm plate + 2mm arms (3" arms MR116 compatible).

9.46g (with m2 lock nuts) + 2.38g (tpu canopy)

Available in evolutive 2.5 / 3" spare arms version too (common bottom plate).

Efficiency is huge with 65mm props, performances are very high on 2s with 1102 10000kv motors.


motors compatibilty
90% of the market: 0802-1102 3 holes 6.6mm, 1103-1108 4 holes 9mm 

screw kit listing 
fc / canopy support:
4 x 10mm m2 scews 
4 x 4.5mm m2 tpu spacer (free to download)
4 x m2 nylon nuts 

all these optionnal elements are linked on the rotorbuilds page

tpu elements (canopy, m2 spacers, bumper arms)

rotorbuilds (pics, video, setup, links)


setup for a 35g build (video review on the rotobuilds page)
NANO KAIDJU 65mm props MR105
Happymodel EX1102 10000kv 1mm 45mm wires
Nano VTX 
KINGKONG 65mm 1mm
2s 300mah lihv lipos (1102 / 1103 10 000kv motors) 3s lipos (8500kv motors) 
4 x 10mm m2 scews 
4 x 4.5mm m2 tpu spacer (free to download)
4 x m2 nylon nuts 
1 x nano kaidju tpu canopy (several models available, free to download)




Review Section ( Total Review:2 )


Hafiz R., you can use 1.4mm screws with your 'older' version, you can use too, 1.6mm screws for 1102 motors, it works perfectly you must know too that there is a update with new screws holes design, less space than before, but we save compatibility with 0802-1102 3 holes, and 1103 4 holes motors! don't hesitate to join the KAIDJU OWER CLUB (private group on facebook) for more informations, tips, builds infos, KAIDJU community :)