As i'm graphic designer, it's a must to fly with a tailored frame. Some frames are public, that means there are tested, improved and finally approved.

Enjoy your fly!


JellyFish 145 (Carbon 4mm)

Price : $ 35.00


Hello all,

Here is a strong (4mm carbon), light, aerodynamic rocket for 3", 3,5" (recommanded for max power) and 4" propellers running 1306, 1407... motors.

There is holes for FC 20x20 (holes M2,5 - for M3, you need to drill them) + 30,5x30,5 (holes M3).

Total weight with 1407 and 3,5" is about 160gr (without battery).

The pod made by Babouch is available on thingiverse :

Hope you like it and will fly it :)


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