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leader 120 side plate RHS in 2mm CF v3

Price : $ 4.75


Modified LHS side plate for the Fullspeed RC Leader 120 quad to allow for fitting a micro CCD camera with backback TX with a good tilt range plus a larger LED/buzzer board.  You will also need the matching RHS plate for a matched pair!

Additional Information

This latest version (V3) allows for fitting of different lens length micro cams with a slotted mount.  Also larger stack space should fit a stack of around 27mm which should fit a runcam swift mini stack in addition to the leader stacks with minor mods, but I haven't tested this. 

A section of the camera mount arm is 0.5mm thinner to allow for the 19mm wide camera to fit in the 18mm gap between the plated when mounted on the standard frame.


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