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Pushing the limits of slim-arm design and endevouring to create the highest performance micro brushless frames available

All one-piece frames are cut with the weave along the arms for greatest possible strength...

MINKY 85 16X16 3MM 5.0GM

Price : $ 13.98



This frame measures 85mm diagonal and has 4-hole motor mounts and very narrow 2mm arms, the frame is 3mm thick, and it weighs 5.0gm. With 1103 8000Kv motors it is fast for its size.

Quick specs:
Weight: 5.0gm
Frame size: 85mm
Motor mount spacing: 9mm
ESC/FC hole spacing: 16mm
Motors: 1102/1103 recommended
Max prop size: approx 58mm (2.3")
Arm width: 2.0mm
Frame thickness: 3mm
Motor screws/FC/ESC holes: 2mm
Motor center hole: 4mm - refer "Additional Description" below

Super narrow arms for minimal wind resistance, should be quick and agile when built light using 1102/1103 motors, a 300mAh 2S 45-90C Nano-tech battery, and a lightweight 16x16mm esc. Only the 2mm version has been built and flown at this stage, it is very fast with cut-down props. This 3mm frame is a more robust version, and could be used with popular 2" props, and still have good performance.

Additional Information

This "true x" frame is cut so that the grain of the carbon fibre sheeting runs down the length of the arms, rather than the conventional layout which has the grain running at a 45 degree angle. This dramatically increases the strength of these super-thin-arm frames, and requires a different, less efficient layout for AP to cut the frame, and thus is more costly. We consider our frames to be premium and cutting-edge, and that the extra cost of these unconventional frames is justified.

The motor center holes may be too small for some motors and might require countersinking, or drilling to a larger size, just enough to relieve any binding. Please check the circlip is not binding as the motor is rotated by hand. This is done to maximise the frame strength in this area.

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