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Pushing the limits of slim-arm design and endevouring to create the highest performance micro brushless frames available

All one-piece frames are cut with the weave along the arms for greatest possible strength...

TWEAKY 154 5MM 17.9GM

Price : $ 28.98


tweaky 154 5mm

Strong 5mm thick frame

20x20 electronics

4 inch props

1407 motors

Detailed specs:
Weight: 17.9gm
Size: 154mm
Frame thickness: 5mm
ESC/FC hole spacing: 20x20mm
ESC/FC hole size: 3mm
Motors: 1306/1407
Motor mount spacing: 12mm
Motor mount hole size: 2mm
Motor center hole - 6mm
Max prop size: 4"
Arm width: 4mm
Arm thickness: 5mm

Additional Information

All of our "true x" frames are cut so that the grain of the carbon fibre sheeting runs down the length of the arms, rather than the conventional layout which has the grain running at a 45 degree angle. This dramatically increases the strength of these super-thin-arm frames, and requires a different, less efficient layout for AP to cut the frame, and thus is more costly. We consider our frames to be premium and cutting-edge, and that the extra cost of these unconventional frames is justified.

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