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OctoPick18 Camera Mount Side Plate

Price : $ 1.48


This is the Camera Mount Side Plate for the Octopick18 kit (1.5mm and 2mm).

  • Commpatible camera width : 14mm
  • Mount Screw Holes : 2mm, 1.4mm (HDZero Nano Lite Camera)
  • Suitable Standoff Height : 20mm
  • Thickness : 1.5mm
  • Weight : about 0.8g

Note: The 1.5mm-thick CF plate may not be able to be inserted into the kit top plate or camera mount top plate because the thickness varies from lot to lot. If this is the case, please widen the insertion hole by filing. However, even if it is too thin, it will not be a problem as it will be secured by the four standoffs on the camera mount.




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