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Warp-ex v2 Baseplate

Price : $ 7.08


Slightly Universal Baseplate - 2x Are required for frame

Made to be robust and as universal as possible within reason

The pod is available on cults3d for $1 or you can make your own on a 60x60mm platform with 15mm standoffs as standard or can be used with shorter or longer standoffs if required or desired.

Pod works well with DJI, HDZero and mostly all analogue systems. It also is universal for DJI mount and standard mount 19mm FPV cameras

There is a mount on the rear and 2x on the top of the pod for SMA antennas while also including a space on the back for the T-style ELRS antennas.

It has been built and tested to be robust, work well in most conditions and can be used for freestyle if desired.

Please comment if you have any suggestions or requirements for the pod/body



Link for body down below

Pod is also designed to work with HDZero, DJI and any analogue systems

Known to work with:
Source one arms
Impulse helix arms
Warp-ex Arms

If it works with anything else please comment

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