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PicklePick Toothpick - 3.5 inch frame

Price : $ 19.95


The PicklePick is since 2019 a well tested and efficient lightweigt unibody design. It's suitable for builds alike the Toothpick and Babytooth.

Here's the 3.5 inch version of the PicklePick with the following specs :

- 3.5" trueX layout (130mm wheelbase)
- 9x9 and 12x12 motor mount
- Whoop AIO (25.5x25.5) and 20x20 stack support.
- 4 stack holes (to provide better mounting capabilites for digital versions)
- carbon thickness : 3mm (intended for 3S builds mainly)
- weight : ~9.5g

More on the PicklePick desing and all the OpenSource files on the Thingiverse page.

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