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MInimalist Evo 128 Main Plate (2mm Version)

Price : $ 12.50


Minimalist Evo 128

Weight reduced about 17% from original design.

128mm motor to motor

3" prop max

30.5mm FC mount

Motor mount 9mm and 12mm - suitable 1104/1105 and 1306 motor

Plate thickness: 2mm

Frame weight : 8.5 grams (+/-0.2g)

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Image Kevin Kruizen

It's cheap enough to replace, super light, and allows for both 30.5x30.5mm and 20x20mm stacks. I'd be willing to pay some additional money to have the carbon weave run along the arms - then it'd actually be usable for 1306 / 1407 motors in the 3mm variation. You can check out my 1108 build with this frame at: