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112 quad plate

Price : $ 11.62


Inspired by the minimalist 112 available on this website but with a few differences to better suit my own needs:

  • Trimmed down the carbon around the motors to 14mm radius circle (OD of 1104 motor rotor, if you use a larger stator than 11xx your motors will overhang the carbon)
  • Thinner arms to keep the weight low
  • Circle cutout under FC to reduce weight
  • (this 3mm piece weighs +0.5g vs the 2mm minimalist 112)
  • Change the FC mount holes from m3 to m2 to better support the hglrc 20x20 stack

3 inch dia prop.

3mm thickness. 7.5mm wide arms

20x20mm m2 holes for FC

2mm motor mount holes on 9mm radius circle (compatible with some 11xx motors including dys be1104 and racerstar br1104, please check your motor spec)

10.0 grams weight (measured 1 sample)

Recommended parts:

  • 20x20 4in1ESC
  • 20x20 FC
  • 11xx motors, 4000kv for endurance or higher for more go
  • 3 inch props
  • micro rx
  • tiny whoop style cam/vtx unit

I run the above with a 550mAh 2S battery, but that is in part to stay under 100grams (my build is ~96 grams AUW).

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