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It took us a very long time to be able to benefit from manufacturing infrastructures in China. The challenges in sourcing quality manufacturing at a decent price can be quite daunting, and sometimes very disappointing.  Minimum order quantities also pose a problem when it comes time to producing prototypes for hands-on testing. Likewise, getting good prices for mass production can also be challenging. Chinese factories really seek high volumes in order to reduce prices on parts production. 

A lot of people now have the resources, the creativity and the skills to produce fantastic designs for a multitude of applications. But they lack the access to manufacturing infrastructures that fall within an achievable investment, to see their ideas turned into reality. That’s where we come in. 

After years of working past such challenges, we built a relationship with several independent manufacturers who are now willing to really work with us.

Our speciality is multi-rotors, but our services do not end there. Just about anything that falls under our processing capabilities will be considered for production. It could be cars, household stuff, electronics, RC models, etc.  Design it, and if we can make it, we will. 

At present, we offer CNC services for carbon fiber and Fr4, aka fiberglass or G10. New materials and manufacturing processes will be introduced as we move forward. 

Armattan Quadcopters is the only manufacturer in the world to offer lifetime warranty on all air frames. This is because the carbon fiber we use is of the highest quality. High-heat pressed 3k carbon fiber.  The same carbon fiber will be cut for all the designs we produce through Armattan Productions. We don’t warranty third-party designs for obvious reasons, but we can certainly vouch for the carbon fiber quality. 

When it comes to designs, people often think their ideas are the next best thing, or a gold mine. It may be true, but it takes a lot of hard work, time and dedication to bring a design into a real product and to make it commercially available through a network of services. We can help with this, too!

Armattan Productions is a new resource for designers and tinkerers alike. We are opening the door to high-end manufacturing infrastructures in a way that has never been done before. We can work with you from giving you pricing on your designs, to allowing you to sell and set your own profit margins. No minimum orders. No prototyping fees. No CNC programming fees. There is no fine print. Don’t look for it. Just low-cost, high-end, no holds barred parts production. 

For more information about our services, please read our frequently asked questions.

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Now have fun designing and tinkering! 

Chris and Natasha
Armattan Productions