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Verdin 95

Price : $ 16.00

Propeller size : None


Verdin 95

Sub-100mm brushless motor frame.

95mm motor-to motor.

Designed for 20x20mm Piko BLX Micro FC (45deg mount) with 2.5" props.

Motor mount 9mm to 11mm - for 1102/1104/1105 motors


Kit Contains

1 x Verdin 95 Main Plate

1 x Verdin 20x20mm Covert

1 x Verdin Universal Cover

Mounting hardware

*If you want to use your own hardware (screw,spacer,etc.), please see this kit: Verdin 95 (Plate Only)


Suggested Parts

1. Flight Controller: PIKO BLX Micro Flight Controller

2. ESC: 4-in-1 Favourite FVT LittleBee PRO 20Ax4 ESC / Racerstar RS20Ax4 20A 4 in 1 Blheli_S

3. Motors: 1102 / 1104 / 1105 with >4000kv


Assembly illustration for FC Side

Assembly illustration for ESC Side

*Motor wire will go through arm to the bottom side.


Part thickness & estimated weight

Main plate: 2mm.....6.9g

20x20mm Cover: 1.5mm.....1.2g

Universal Cover: 1.5mm.....2.0g

Additional Information

Top Plate to Bottom Plate Height (mm)


Plate dimension

Main plate

20x20mm Cover

Universal Cover / Battery plate

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