N0085 M8

Price : $ 59.99

Propeller size : 5"


N0085 M8 (Noobs Mate but cooler if you say only numbers. Thrust me i am an engineer !)

Now you know how engineers name the things. Lets talk about the frame.

Designed for the FPV folks who want to try that move, that you know you will probably crash it.
Don't hessitate #sendit !

-Fundamental Informations-

+220mm Motor to Motor diameter

+True X design

+5.1" props are compatible. 6" arms are will be avaible soon.

+115-120 grams only carbon weight

-Technical Design Informations-

+This frame designed for extreme freestyle crashes. With side walls and all of the 8 spacers the electronics inside the body will stay in their places. You need to fit tightly side walls to their places. They are structural elements so i recommend to dont sand them too much while building it.

+Spacer and screw contact surfaces on the carbon fibre are enlarged so there is more place to distribute stress. 

+You can mount a GoPro on top of the frame. 3D STL files are will be avaible soon

+Arms are mounted with sandwich method. Also they are supporting each other in the middle of the frame. They are also easy to replace after really hard bando crashes.

+Arms are designed as a motor guard.

+As you see in my render you can fit a DJI HD unit inside the frame. Also other HD transmitters will fit without any problem such as Caddx Vista or Nebula.

+ It has 20*20 and 30*30 standart flight controller mount holes in the middle section off the frame and one more hole for the outter spacers.

+It also has 20*20 mount holes on the Front and Back Side Walls in case of you want to mount something there such as FPV transmitters.

+FPV camera mount dimension is 22mm so HD cameras are also welcome and analog cameras will fit as standart

+I did not try to lighten the frame all parts are 2mm except arms they are 4mm. This way you will not see any weak point on the frame.



+This frame is symmetrical from center so if you don't need much space between your camera and flight controller you can mount the camera on the 26mm side wall and rotate the top plate. This way you will have a huge back area that you can even mount a 20*20 FC or caddx Vista verticaly to the 32mm side plate

+This frame allows you to use the Source One arms in case you want to customize it.

+You can also add 4 more spacer to this frame, their holes are positioned behind side walls.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to ask or need something such as 3d printing STL
I hope you will also enjoy this frame. I was really enjoyed while designing it. It was a challenge i was planning for a while.
Now you can have it !
Have a nice flight.

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