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Minimalist 128 (2mm Version)

Price : $ 15.50

Propeller size : 3"


For those who wish to make sub-200g acro quad.

Minimalist unibody design with 128mm motor to motor distance.



The Main Frame for this kit will be replace with V2 frame.

Area around FC mounting hole is increased to strengthen the arm.

See below for frame comparison of V1 and V2

Additional Information

128mm motor to motor

For 3" propeller

30.5mm FC mount

Motor mount 9mm and 12mm - suitable for 1102/1104/1105 and 1306 motor

Frame main thickness 2mm



Main Plate: 10.7g (estimate)

Top Cover: 1.8g

With hardware: 15.7g

With hardware. PDB, FC: 26.8g


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