Dracolich Y6 Heavy Lift (Plates Only)

Price : $ 598.85

Propeller size : 8"


Wingspan: 1060mm, arms can be adjusted +-60mm without swapping the arms. Default configuration uses 500mm arms.

Designed around the following components:



  • KDE 5215
  • T-Motor MN605S
  • MAD Polars
  • RCINPower GTS 4715
  • any with a similar bolt pattern


12" to 28" props depending on your powerplant setup.

    12S (2x6S) 8-10Ah (or larger depending on upper standoffs used)

    25mm upper standoffs allows for 2x6S Tattu R-Line 95C 5100mAh to be used.


  • APD 120F3 ESC and 500A PDB
  • BrainFPV Radix FC
  • Plenty of real estate to toss whatever else you'd want on it.


  • Gremsy S1/T3 gimbal bolt pattern on lower plate

The lower plate allows for two different widths of mounting 12mm dampening rings to hold round camera rails if you're not bolting a gimbal directly to the frame.


You will also need the following to complete the assembly.

3D Printed parts:

Nuts, Bolts, Standoffs, Clamps and Tubes.

Part Source Quantity
M2x8 8
M3x6 12
M3x8 20
M3x10 92
M3x12" 8
M3x20 6
M3x45 36
M4x75 2
M2 Heat-set Insert 8
M3 Press-Fit Nut 71
M4 Press-Fit Nut 2
M3x12 Thumb Screw 3
Aluminum Vertical Octagonal Tube Clamp Hobby Carbon or other supplier 18
30mm x 20mm x 500mm x 1.5mm thick 3k CF Octagonal Tubes Hobby Carbon or other supplier 3
M3x35 Standoff Armattan or other supplier 18
M3x25 Standoff Armattan or other supplier 29
M3x65 Standoff other supplier 6

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