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Pirx Seven

Price : $ 85.00

Propeller size : 7"


The Pirx Seven

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Pirx Seven! The 7-inch FPV frame designed in-house to give me, and you obviously, a versatile platform for long-range, cinematic takes and freestyle! 

>> Full description, example videos reference setup and INAV tune <<

Let's begin with the question: why did I have to design my own frame? There are plenty of good frames out there! True, there are good 7-inch frames, but all of them have some problems: props in the view, very little space inside, thin arms, asymmetrical arms, no place for a huge battery, limited accessories and dozens of other minor things.

Pirx Seven overcomes some of them (creates a few others as well, but let's not shout about it) and truth to be told, it's the best 7-inch frame I own. After all, I designed it to solve problems I was having :)

Important notes

  • FPV camera is mounted on 3D printed bracket by design! During the crash, it's better to break a small 3D printed element than an expensive camera
  • Verical plates in the front are tight fit by design and have to be precisely sanded/filed to fit slots in the the horizontal plates!
  • All M3 holes are tight fit by design as well!


  • weights around 210g before equipment
  • dead cat setup, from and rear arms are fully interchangeable
  • 6mm arms are super stiff to shift the resonance frequency high enough to be filtered without interfering with flight performance
  • 4mm bottom plate and 2mm top plate are connected with 12 standoffs in total resulting in pretty nice structural strength and stiffness
  • accepts ONLY micro size FPV cameras as well as popular micro-split-like cameras like Caddx Tarsier or RunCam Hybrid 4K
  • will fit DJI FPV Air Unit and camera but there is no mount for the Air Unit ATM
  • 20x20mm holes in the front
  • 30,5x30,5mm and 20x20mm holes in the middle where the center of gravity meets the center of thrust
  • 30,5x30,5mm and 20x20mm holes in the rear section for any equipment you want
  • has a dedicated place for Matek Optical Flow & Lidar Sensor
  • accepts LiPo on the top and on the bottom side as well. Top mount is recommended as it moves CoG closer to the thrust plane
  • variety of 3D printed accessories for cameras and antennas

Does it fly? Yeap! Take a look at fly videos:

More about the frame:

Additional parts

Since Armattan Productions does not offer 3D printing service, you will have to print some extra elements:

Note that only FPV Micro Camera adapter is really required. All the rest are optional!

Or you can download all STL files from here:

Pirx Seven for 8-inch props

If you look for an 8-inch quadcopter, Pirx Seven has 8-inch arms as an optional accessory. Take a look here

Review Section ( Total Review:1 )

Image patrick haley

Excellent 7in Frame with a very well though out design! Also great that all the 3D parts have been designed and are ready to print. There is room for everything that you could want to put on a 7 inch quad, I can fit a top mounted 4s 4200 mah battery which is 136mm in length on top with a box cam up front and vertically mounted r9 antenna in the rear. No complaints here and a happy customer!

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