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Pirx Seven

Price : $ 92.55

Propeller size : 7"


The Pirx Seven

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Pirx Seven! The 7-inch FPV frame designed in-house to give me, and you obviously, a versatile platform for long-range, cinematic takes and freestyle! 

Let's begin with the question: why did I have to design my own frame? There are plenty of good frames out there! True, there are good 7-inch frames, but all of them have some problems: props in the view, very little space inside, thin arms, asymmetrical arms, no place for a huge battery, limited accessories and dozens of other minor things.

Pirx Seven overcomes some of them (creates a few others as well, but let's not shout about it) and truth to be told, it's the best 7-inch frame I own. After all, I designed it to solve problems I was having :)

Important notes

  • FPV camera is mounted on 3D printed bracket by design! During the crash, it's better to break a small 3D printed element than an expensive camera
  • Verical plates in the front are tight fit by design and have to be precisely sanded/filed to fit slots in the the horizontal plates!
  • All M3 holes are tight fit by design as well!


  • weights around 210g before equipment
  • dead cat setup, from and rear arms are fully interchangeable
  • 6mm arms are super stiff to shift the resonance frequency high enough to be filtered without interfering with flight performance
  • 4mm bottom plate and 2mm top plate are connected with 12 standoffs in total resulting in pretty nice structural strength and stiffness
  • accepts ONLY micro size FPV cameras as well as popular micro-split-like cameras like Caddx Tarsier or RunCam Hybrid 4K
  • will fit DJI FPV Air Unit and camera but there is no mount for the Air Unit ATM
  • 20x20mm holes in the front
  • 30,5x30,5mm and 20x20mm holes in the middle where the center of gravity meets the center of thrust
  • 30,5x30,5mm and 20x20mm holes in the rear section for any equipment you want
  • has a dedicated place for Matek Optical Flow & Lidar Sensor
  • accepts LiPo on the top and on the bottom side as well. Top mount is recommended as it moves CoG closer to the thrust plane
  • variety of 3D printed accessories for cameras and antennas

Does it fly? Yeap! Take a look at fly videos:

More about the frame:

Additional parts

Since Armattan Productions does not offer 3D printing service, you will have to print some extra elements:

Note that only FPV Micro Camera adapter is really required. All the rest are optional!

Or you can download all STL files from here:

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