Anunnaki Airframes

Here you will find the Anunnaki frame designed by Vegar "Mally" Elde

(Shown above, Anunnaki 5" DanLan Edition w/ custom hardware)

***NEW FOR 2023!***

2023 Refresh of Anunnaki frame!

  • Notched arms for easy swap without removing stack screws
  • Arms from 6" and up are now 5mm thick!
  • Additional 3mm rail for mounting 20x20 digital vtx (HDZero etc.) on main plate
  • 2mm 20x20-25x25 mounting holes on top plate for Walksnail vtx ect.
  • Further adjustable center standoff, innermost hole is default and recommended.
  • Now with 3! battery strap mounts on top plate for easier securing of big boy lipos.
  • New "DeadCat" version available for "props-out-of-view" filming.

Growing tired of not having frames that fully meets my requirements, I set out to design my own personal frame to satify my needs.
Result is the Anunnaki: A rigid, tough, balanced and versatile frame suitable for acro flying. Based on tried and tested design principles influenced by the iconic Alien and QAV-R frames.
Support up to 8" props!

As I didn't design this frame with profit in mind, all the prices are without commission so to give you the BEST price possible.
All I can ask for is to spread the word so others can enjoy this frame as well.

So if you want a workhorse and a companion that won't let you down, this might be the frame for you! wink

NOTE: If you are new to Armattan Productions be aware that frame orders are made on demand so there is a waiting time minimum 3 weeks before the order ships out. There is no stock.
Any questions regarding your order should be directed to
Questions about the frame you can contact me

Assembly guide:

3D Printables:


Check out my YT channel:


Anzu 6 Inch

Price : $ 53.06

Propeller size : 6"


AKA "WideBoy". A tribute to the 2015's caged gopro frames like the Hovership Zuul Superbeast, MB Epic and Charpu's early modded QAV250. Get superior CG feel with mass as close to motors center as possible! Rear firewall standoffs adjustable to fine tune the CG. Spikes on top plate indicate CG.

3D Printable gopro tray/mounts can be found here:

ATTENTION: Armattan does not sell the required standoff length anymore so you have to provide your own, 8x 45mm recommended

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