Modd Quad

Quadcopters for flying in a challenging envionments.

Flying in the redwoods poses interesting challenges.    Your choices are either flying through the trees that seemed designed to get quads stuck, or flying above the trees at 200Ft where everything looks the same and it is easy to get lost.

I have found that propeller protection is a necessity in this environment to have any fun,  unless you enjoy figuring how to get your quad out of the tree.  Without protection I fly very defensively and only stay in a small area that is relatively clear.  With protection I can explore and not have to worry about tapping the occasional branch.   I can fly more aggressive and explore which is much more fun.



Price : $ 39.30

Propeller size : 5"

Item List


Here is a 5" freestyle frame I designed to use up all of my odd sized parts leftover from other builds but it really deserves better.

Geometry designed to reduce low frequency vibrations. The arms are quite stiff due to the split.  V2 features twisting reducing X brace and arm geometry.

Plenty of nubs for twist tie placement.   Designed for easy FrSky R9 mini T Type antenna install.


3MM bottom plate +  2MM top plate = 5mm!    


Why is it called Fiver?  Because I get one for every one I sell.

Additional Information

Suggested Components:

30.5 x 30.5mm  or  20 x 20mm  Flight Controller and ESC.

Micro or Mini Sized Camera 

(8) Standoffs

(4) 23xx motors

(4) 5" propellers

Supported Hardware:

Runcam Split Mini V1 dvr or similar.

 FrSky R9 mini T Type antenna 

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