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Price : $ 66.71

Propeller size : 5"


There we are!! I present to you my laste creation:


 O X Y M 




She is design around the DJI Fpv system but not only...


-She is base from a True-X geometrie.

-The arms is 6mm thick, sandwich by press nuts between the middle and bottom plate and ther are connect in the center for more rigidity.





-Juste one screw is needet for remove the arm without unscrew the electronic stack.

-30x30 and 20x20 stack compatible and a other 20x20 mount at the back for the non DJI or vita user.


-Mini and micro camera compatible with the same camera plate.

-At the back a special emplacment for the DJI air unit maintain between the standoff, no need a heave tpu for hold it just put a pice of double side sticky tape and is go no where or a 20x20 holes for non DJI or vista user.











Additional Information

-Top and middle plate 2mm

-Bottom plate 2.5mm

-Arm 6mm

-Camera plate and anntenas brace 1.5mm

-16x16 base motor

-Weight 120g

-247mm motor to motor 

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