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The racer is a very strong frame, light and cool, compatible with all 36x36 stacks and FCs; in 25mm of height you can accomodate practically everything, 4in1 ESC, FC and VTX; the arms are easily replaceable: unscrewing the "external" M3x12mm srew and looseing the "internal" screw the arm should come off.

For better performance in race you can mount the SFG kit; the kit improves stability in the corners and makes the flight more stable.

All the frame is constantly improved, working with pilots i can guarantee them a relaiable and performing frame.

If you have a 3D printer or you can print 3D models you can find all the "extra components" (cam mount, finn, antenna mount and sfg supports) on my thingivers: 



NOTE: In the kit the TOP PLATE is the "standard" plate and NOT the "SLIM" plate as in the photo!


Frame specification:

Weight: 56g

Wheelbase: 210mm

Total height: 37mm     Housing height: 25mm

Arms: 5x9mm

Bottom plate thickness: 3mm

Central, top and side plates thickness: 2mm

"DFR One Finger" stretched X



Alle 36x36 stacks

All motors with 16-19 mounting holes

All micro and nano cameras (*if you print the cam mount you can only use 12mm lenses)



In the kit the countersunk screws, for the bottom plate, are not included, if you have not countersunk screws i advide you to mount the bottom plate with the countersunk holes facing the arms and use the normal screws included in the kit.

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