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Pushing the limits of slim-arm design and endevouring to create the highest performance micro brushless frames available

All one-piece frames are cut with the weave along the arms for greatest possible strength

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Scooter S100 2.5mm 5.8g

Price : $ 17.20

Propeller size : 2.5"

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Scooter S100 2.5mm

The Scooter S100 is a six-piece version of the Zappy 100. The six piece version provides the ability to have (easily) replaceable arms. 

By utilising a conventional "sandwich" design, you can eat the competition for breakfast having a stronger, repairable frame with only a small weight penalty.

The design layout allows for both 16x16 and 20x20 electronics layouts using M2 hardware.

These frames are absolute jewels!

Additional Information

Kit comes with 6 arms (two spare)

100mm wheelbase

2.5mm arm thickness

Weight of components (approx) 5.8g

3 hole engine mounts

1mm chassis plates

M2 hardware (not included)

11xx engines hole pattern (9mmx9mm)

2.5 inch airscrews

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