Virtual Frames

vf - colibri 5 inch (without standoffs - 8 x 35mm ones needed)

Price : $ 44.99

Propeller size : 5"


After a long design with several tests on the different versions it was the freestyle colibrì frame. Its open-X design  (5:4:3) allows excellent maneuverability even in the most complex maneuvers that a freestyler can render. This is my way of thinking.

Link to 3d parts:

Link to session 5 tpu support:

Link to hero 5, 6, 7 tpu support:

Additional Information

212mm motor to motor

111g weight

4mm arms

2mm top and bottom plates

1.5mm mid plate

cam mount(standard size cam) with 2 screws support( foxeer predator/falkor/monster, runcam with 3 holes case)


Review Section ( Total Review:1 )

Image Riccardo Gaetano Augello

Great design and simplicity in assembly. It has been designed meticulously. No problem with the XT60 which usually does not have a specific place. Let's move on now to the guide this frame is as agile as a racer but has all the features of the most renowned freestyle frames. Thanks Virtual frames, great job! Here you can find videos of the kwad in action: The blackbox log is incredibly clean!