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BR Rogue 6mm

Price : $ 34.99

Propeller size : 5"

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The BR Rogue is a Race-first fpv quadcopter designed for easy repairs and minimum drag.

The arms are made in 6mm carbon fiber and they have an easy release, so you can change them as fast as you race.

The frame also has 4mm reinforcements to:

  • Lock the arms, so they are stiffer
  • Made them more durable
  • And make the pitch more stable

This frame it has been designed to use canopies, in fact its compatible with:

It is also very light even being so reinforced

The frame and caonpy itself  it's around 90 grams.

The package contains:

  • 4 x 6mm arm
  • 2 x 4mm arm lock
  • 2 x 2mm reinforcement
  • 1 x 3mm botom plate

The package comes with no screws or standofs to reduce the cost (so you have $5 shipping)


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