Redwood Quads

Quadcopters for flying in a challenging envionments.

Flying in the redwoods poses interesting challenges.    Your choices are either flying through the trees that seemed designed to get quads stuck, or flying above the trees at 250Ft where everything looks the same and it is easy to get lost.

I have found that propeller protection is a neccesity in this environment to have any fun,  unless you enjoy figuring how to get your quad out of the tree.  Without protection I fly very defensively and only stay in a small area that is relatively clear.  With protection I can explore and not have to worry about tapping the ocasional branch.   I can fly more aggressive and explore which is more fun.

There are very few frames that offer propeller protection and the ones available do not have enough space for a dvr or other electronics.  So I decided to design my own frame specifically designed to have fun in my backyard!


Ducty 2.5 Kit

Price : $ 49.99

Propeller size : 2.5"

Item List


Ducty 2.5 is Experimental.  I have not built one yet.

Please come back soon for more information and a proven design.

Purchase at your own risk.


3D printer files for Ducty Ducts:

Link: 15mm Ducty Ducts

Link: 20mm Ducty Ducts

Link: 25mm Ducty Ducts

Link: source file (OpenSCAD)

With or without ducts, ducty flys like a tank.

Additional Information

Sugested Components:

11xx motors

30x30mm or 20x20mm flight stack.

20x20mm transmitter.

Mini or Micro sized camera.

2.5" propellers

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