skonkworx qwads

i design, test and tune my own frame desgins in 3-5" racing and acro airframes 


lowRIDE airframe

Price : $ 89.94

Propeller size : 5"


so this beast is my personal take on a mid mount acro frame. she is one of the lowest designs with a 10mm avioincs bay with your stack split accross the bottom deck. while im a 4n1 kinda guy you could use an AIO type fc and escs under the arms. it has some interesting ideas going on with the spit stack and the top mounted pressnuts that mean if you release all the arm bolts you can remove the battey plate and access the electronics with the arms and spacers all staying in place 


airframe is around 110g built with hardware 

Additional Information

the esc/AIO fc can be either a 20x20 or  a 30x30 while the forward fc mount is 20x20 as is the vtx mount.

my one is built with 

airbot nanoV6 f4 fc 

airbot typhoon 32bit esc 

akk f3 600wm vtx 

and tmotor f60pro v2 in 2350kv

all running 6s... its a bloody beast 


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