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Gun Shop Multirotors

   I worked in the firearms industry for years, I loved it then, and if the right opportunity presented itself I would be right back in it. For now I have another expensive hobby occupying my down time from not working on guns, and I figured why not get it to start paying for itself. So, with half of my gunsmith bench now devoted to quads, Gun Shop Multirotors seemed like a natural brand addition as a part of the corporation I've been paying for and not using, Southern Gun Works Inc. 

   All of my designs are either concepts that I thought needed to be smashed violently into the ground (it's just how I fly), or hairbrained ideas from the morons friends I fly with. Build instructions and poorly 3D printed accesories will soon be available on my website: southerngunworksinc.com but frame kits and parts will only be available here at Armattan Productions. 

GSM Unnamed Prototype 5 in

Price : $ 55.00

Propeller size : 5"


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