Foggy Designs - Italian Frames for FPV Multirotors

Foggy MK1 - 5in Frame With hardware

Price : $ 40.00

Propeller size : 5"



SOME INFO: This is a 215mm true X frame, with separated arms. Lipo can be mounted on top (freestyle configuration) or on bottom (race configuration). The side plates (and included standoff) are 25mm high, but to use different heights you can use common standoffs: you can use the two holes in the front, overlapping the slots of the side plates. The total weight, included hardware, is about 75grams. Maximun FPV Cam width is 21mm (like Runcam Mini or Foxeer Predator) but you can also use the 19x19mm format ("micro").


Top Plate: 1.5mm
Side (fpv cam) Plate: 1.5 mm
Bottom Plate 1.5 mm
Arms: 5.0 mm
X Plate: 2.0 mm

6pcs M3x6mm screws
4pcs M3x12mm steel button head screws
2pcs M3x10mm steel button head screws
2pcs M3x14mm steel button head screws
6pcs M3 sunk steel button head nuts
4pcs M3x25mm standoff

3D Printed mount for GoPro Hero Session 4 & 5:

3D Printed mount for GoPro Hero 2018, 5 & 6 :

How to build ( ) :  


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