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After trying out more than 8 of the existing frames in the market, ranging from 135mm to 330mm size frames, all of them which were great frames but somehow I always felt that they were not able to meet all my preferences.

My personal preference was something smaller than 250mm while still being able to fly with a well protected gopro, flying with a gopro mounted on the top plate of a quad always had me worried as it felt pretty exposed to me. I also enjoyed building my quads and was always looking for a versatile frame that would allow me to build different configurations with it to suit different purposes instead of just one.

Thus I embarked on the project of designing my own frame, it may not be the fastest frame or best looking frame out there, but it should cater to fellow hobbyist who prefers more space and protection on their quads.


VSA90 Nano

Price : $ 18.68

Propeller size : 2"


Kit consists of:

  • 1 x 2mm Bottom Plate (Cut Along Weave)
  • 1 x 1.5mm Top Plate

Compatible with:

  • 2" props without ducts.
  • 1.8"/45mm props with ducts.
  • 110x motors and 16x16/20x20mm FCs.
  • Micro fpv cam or Turbowing Cyclops 3 Cam/DVR/VTX combo (No props in video feed's view)

Note: Use with M2 standoffs and screws. Reminder to buy your own.

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