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Flying Condom

Price : $ 15.00

Propeller size : 2.5"


Flying Condom (Kit)


• Symmetric X shape with 135mm base (motor shaft to motor shaft).

• Optimized for both bottom- and top-mounted batteries.

• Fits 2.5" & 2" props.

• Designed around micro-sized cameras such as the RunCam Micro Sparrow.

• Mounting holes for 9/9mm motors. Should fit all 11xx motors.

• Bottom plate thickness: 3mm

• Top plate thickness: 2mm

• Weight: ~28g (+ ~2g of hardware)




3D Models

Here are some freely downloadable & 3D-printable models for your frame:

• Mixed TPU accessories: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3086720

  • Camera mounting brackets
  • Arm protectors
  • Landing skids
  • XT30 holders
  • Prototype pod (replaces top plate)
  • Check Thingiverse for more...





First Flying Condom build

First Flying Condom build

First Flying Condom build

Additional Information

Suggested components for this build

The following are - wherever possible - just link to manufacturers' websites, you are encouraged to find the best deals in your favorite shop.

• 110x motors (possibly with long wires): SunnySky 1106

• 20x20mm tower stack with 4in1 ESCs: Hobbywing XRotor 20A 4in1 ESC / FC Nano Combo

• Camera: RunCam Sparrow (v1 is 16:9, v2 is 4:3)

• VTX: Eachine VTX03

• Battery: Turnigy Nano-Tech 3S 450mAh 65C

• TX and RX: FrSky Taranis QX 7 and FrSky R-XSR (or FrSky XM+)

2.5" props: Gemfan Flash 2540 (2.5x4x3)  -  2" props: Gemfan Hulkie 2040 (2x4x3)


Standoff height

Using 24mm standoffs will give you a comfortable height to work with, possibly letting you place a 20x20mm VTX on top of the stack depending on how thick your battery strap is, but in the pictures above you can see I've built it with 20mm standoffs. The build gets a little bit trickier with them, but the final result is more elegant (to my eyes, at least... Who am I to judge you for using 40mm standoffs?!).

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