Adam Wilkinsons Multirotors

Here you will find the multirotors that I've build for myself but also have for sale :)

3 Inch 11XX - X Frame

Price : $ 15.00

Propeller size : 3"


This frame is designed for 11XX sized motors and either a 20x20mm FC stack, or a 30.5x30.5mm stack. It uses the same design principals as my other X frames, but the parts are thinner to save weight. 

The middle plates are 1mm thick. They will gain extra strength from the stack being bolted on. 

The arms are 7mm wide and made from 3mm thick carbon. 

The motor to motor distance on this frame is 143mm diagonal. 

Spare arms can be purchased here:


If you're using a 30.5mm FC stack, then this frame should pair well with my micro camera mount:

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